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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anna Sui Sways This Way

While shopping for groceries at Target, the Anna Sui line caught the corner of my eye. I was about to wait in line to pay, but I had to stop for Anna Sui. C'mon, girls. I admire the designer's detailed patterns and flowy designs. It's never too girly for even the toughest biker chicks.

I love the play with texture and shine on this dress.

The contrasting colors on this vest are amazing.

I love the prints and the sophisticated cuts on these dresses. You can wear them to brunch or to class... so versatile.

Anna Sui did a great job transitioning into an affordable line for mainstream shoppers. I'm also pleased that the quality did not drop drastically with the prices. Let's hope Target continues to get talented and smart designers.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Shoes... Part Deux!

I was browsing through, and found a lot of creative shoes. They take a life on their own. It's amazing. The first three are by Manolo Blahnik. (A girl can dream. . .)

Oscar de la Renta:
And now something more afforable. . . Toms Shoes. Also known as Shoes for Tomorrow. Every pair you buy, they will donate a pair to someone in need. That's how this remarkable company started, and it's been going strong.

Cole Haan has a new line called Cole, Rood & Haan. The shoes are handmade! That's something I don't see everyday.

Alas, I need something more durable and comfortable. I selected a pair from Aerosoles.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Do shoes make the person?

Ponder that... Shoes add that necessary finishing touch to an outfit. There has been some amazing designs this past year... most notably from the Olsen twins' shoe line. Here are some pairs that I couldn't resist posting from their Elizabeth and James line:

I love the ostrich detail covering the toe area.

These T-strap heels would be very practical if they were 2 inches shorter.

I admire the aesthetic look of these oxford flats.

I have a little crush for Kate Spade shoes. They're so simple and versatile, yet they manage to add the right amount of zest to any outfit.

These pink heels are from J.Crew. The contrast between the suede and patent leather is the perfect combination for someone who wants it all in just one pair!

So do you think shoes make the person?