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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reinvent Yourself

Good evening. I am on a mission to spend less money. This means cutting back on shopping sprees and focusing on viewing my clothes in a new way. Every now and then I like to do little DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. I have a knack for sewing and tailoring clothes, and I enjoy redesigning clothes. Sometimes the projects are quite labor intensive so I usually do them during winter/summer breaks. One time I made a plain cardigan into a pretty one with rosettes. My inspiration: J. Crew's sweaters. I will share with you my DIY project. It is fairly simple to do.

Any plain cardigan
A piece of silk or cotton fabric ( 1 in. X 18 in.)

1. Take the piece of fabric and fold it in half hot-dog style. Iron the fold to smooth it out.
2. Use your handy-dandy thread and needle to sew up and down along the cut edge. As you go along, scrunch the fabric through the thread to create ruffles.
3. Tie a knot at the other end to fasten the form.
4. Now place the rosettes on the cardigan and make the design you want. I made a S-shape design.
5. Use your thread and needle to secure the fabric onto your cardigan.

Voila! I hope I inspired you to rethink your closet. Reuse. Save the earth and your wallet too!

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