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Friday, April 2, 2010

No Impact Man

Being eco-friendly is not just a fad -- it's a mission to live out a lifestyle that contributes rather than damages our environment. Colin Beavan set out to do just that. He committed himself and his family to a year without toilet paper, restaurant take-outs, and carbon emitting transportation. Amidst the absence of daily comforts, the family found happiness in the simple pleasures. The wife learned to cook dinner with vegetables from the local farmer's market. They had game nights and took bike rides to the beach.

I followed Beavan's blog during his one year project, and I learned a lot about various ways to help the environment. His blog made me more aware of my personal actions. When I go buy groceries, I try to use reusable bags so I won't waste plastic bags. Sometimes I feel out of place when I am the only shopper with a reusable bag. Watching No Impact Man: The Documentary, I realized that doing something counter-culture comes with pressure. Beavan faced a lot of criticism from sceptics and even environmentalists for his project. Acting on a radical idea will raise questions and concerns, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. Beavan set out to bring more benefits than harm to our environment, and his efforts have inspired others to rethink their own actions.

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