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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Perfect Pair - A Guide to Buying Denim

Every once in awhile, I need new jeans. The search is daunting - no matter how many jeans I try on.. I can't seem to find one that fits me like a glove. But really it's relatively easy if you just think back to all the jeans that did fit you.

Express, Madewell, and Gap tend to be my best bet since I have a petite, curvy frame. So a few weeks ago, I tried on a pair of Gap jeans, "mid-weight perfect boot," and I immediately fell in love. It has Lycra so it hugs curves. Comes in a rich, dark wash called Adirondacks - how cute is the name (just like the upstate mountains)! And it's mid-rise - thank goodness! I can't stand low-rise jeans; how am I supposed to sit down without worrying about flashing other people. Luckily, I had a discount coupon so I didn't have to wait until the sale season and wonder if my size was going to be out of stock.

So next time you are trying to search for jeans, consider:
1. Previous brands that you have enjoyed
2. Style that fits you (Straight/skinny work best for slim frames, and boot/flare work best for average/curvy frames)
3. Fabric and color (stretch vs. non-stretch, dark/medium/light rinse)
4. Length (petite sizes are made for 5'4" length so if you are shorter like me, consider getting the jeans tailored or save some money and do it yourself!)
4. Look for special discounts!

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