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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fight the good fight, finish the race

This past Friday morning, I got up early to run 8.0 miles. I was really determined to finish it, and though it took a lot of mental struggle I did it. One of the best parts of running is enjoying the sweet moment at the end. I enjoy breathing in the ocean breeze, drinking from my water bottle, and feeling the success of another great run. I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I'm encouraged to keep exercising.

But now that I'm taking running as my hobby, I am interested in finding the right apparel to enhance my performance. I have my tennis outfits that I normally wear, but I feel like I need more form-fitting clothes. I was at Sport Chalet recently, I found a lot of cute apparel from Nike and Adidas.

I don't know if I would wear those biker shorts.. a bit daring for me. But I like the sleeveless racer back tanks because they increase flexibility. The track jacket is also good for warming up so the muscles don't tighten up in the cold. I'm always tempted to wear long sleeves and long pants, but I know that once I start running I'll get warm. So I'll just look for some sleeveless tanks when I go shopping for gym apparel.

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