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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Choose Comfort

For the past two weeks, I have been in jeans and cotton tees. It's a comfortable choice when it comes down to exam week. After finals, I easily transitioned into a five-day silent retreat with the same comfy duo.

Everyone has a pair of jeans that she wears often. I really like my Madewell pair that I bought last winter. The denim is thin and lightweight, and it moves with me. I often look for stretch in jeans because of my curvy bottom. And as much as I would like to pull off a pair of skinny jeans, the closest I will get to a slim, flattering denim is the straight fit. Usually a pair of flares or bootcut work well with my petite shape.

Here a few washes available at Madewell. The jeans featured are the skinny fit, but they also have bootcut as well as other fits. They are currently having a sale so it's best to go now and try a pair.

Another pair of jeans that I wear often is by American Eagle. I love this store for their quality, comfort, style, and prices. If I seem like I am praising them, I am. I worked at AE last summer, and I really enjoy the excellent customer service they provide.

The fit below is the Favorite Boyfriend Jean in Authentic Dark ($40).

For the slim and slender gals: the Straight Jean in Indigo Wash ($30) is a great option.

Here is Rachel Bilson showing off her curves in a flattering boyfriend fit.

What are your favorite denim brands?

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