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Thursday, June 3, 2010

7 Random Facts about Me

Eva tagged me. So I must write something! I have been lazy about blogging lately.

Random facts:

1. I like to bake occasionally and take photos of the treats I bake (but only if they look/taste good).

2. I miss Cambodia. Last summer I was in Siem Reap helping a teacher with the Korean language class. We used English and Khmer to teach the Korean language, and that's when it hit me... we are living in the global age.

3. I like music that normally makes people like my brother fall asleep. Who doesn't like Jack Johnson?

4. I have about seven-things-to-do-because-life-is-too-short-list! One thing I want to do is visit Japan.

5. I listen to spanish musica to practice my espanol ;)

6. One of my pet peeves is when people text constantly while I am trying to communicate with them. (I'm right here.)

7. I recently bought Aveeno's Volumizing Foam and it smells good!


  1. hahah i like #3. i didn't know you listen to spanish musica! please let me know about any recommendations =)

  2. thanks for sharing ur random facts:) wow, ur cambodia trip sounds amazing! will u be sharing pics w/us? hehe;)

  3. No. 6 - I suuuuper hate that too!