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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Be your best self, be your true self

Happy Halloween! I stumbled upon Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's, and it's definitely an improvement from her previous line of cotton jersey dresses (a few years back). Although her designs are simple, I like that the apparel is definitely something that she would wear. The comfy sweaters, girly frocks, and staple jeans represent Lauren Conrad, and that's why I approve. Plus, the whole line was on sale for an affordable price. So it doesn't feel like another mass produced designer line trying to get maximum profit.

Here are some picks:

I tried on the cardigan, which was flattering even for my petite figure. Normally long outerwear don't look good on me. The jeans felt very comfortable as well.

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  1. great post. how do you stay updated on all these fashion trends?