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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Positive Workforce

I just came back from an all-day APEX Career event. After networking and listening to influential Asian Americans, I feel inspired to be true to myself and follow my passion. I just have to figure what it is. I really enjoyed listening to young professionals especially the owners of Kogi Tacos. They are so passionate about the service and product they provide, and they sincerely care about their employees.

The APEX event called for a business professional attire. I want to address this issue because there are varying opinions on how to dress for different occasions. It really depends on the event and on the industry you are interested in. For professional careers, it is better to err on the side of conservatism. So a black suit is perfect for interviews and formal networking events. However from my experience at networking events, there's usually a lot of leeway in terms of wearing business casual: blouses, skirts, pants... as long as it's length appropriate (skirts should be at least slightly above the knee). As for shoes, it's best to wear comfortable shoes. Try not to wear super high heels or strappy sandals... save those for the club.

Here are a few inspirations from designers.

Yves Saint Laurent:

Elie Tahari:

Neutral colors are key, and keep it classy!

Banana Republic has great quality suits, and they come in petite sizes as well. Remember, it's not about wearing high-end designers suits. Recruiters understand that a college student's budget is tight. As long as you feel comfortable and the suit fits your body shape, then you will naturally exude confidence. That's all that matters.

Skirts are a great alternative to the pant suit. However, I recommend wearing stockings in a professional occasion such as an interview.

And remember, the most important accessory is your smile!

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  1. very nice! i think this is a very informative post.

    "And remember, the most important accessory is your smile!"

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