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Sunday, April 6, 2014


The weather is warming up - this means goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons - sadly it is also one of the more short-lived seasons. I love viewing the cherry blossom trees and shedding all the winter layers in turn for lighter and more airy clothing.

Here are some of my picks for this season.

Jeweled Striped Sweater from LOFT.
This sweater is perfect for a casual day in the office or on the weekends. I love the blue color and the delicately placed jewels.

Low Heel Flats from Talbots
I've been looking for low heel flats for awhile now. I think these flats are ideal for everyday walking in the city. I love how it looks put together so you can wear it on special occasions as well as everyday ones. Since I'm on the petite side, I always look for a little heel for extra height. Plus, it's better for the posture to have a bit of an arch support. I dislike heels higher than 2 inches - that can get uncomfortable very quickly especially when you have to walk a lot.

Dot Shirtdress from Gap Kids
Sometimes I'll find the cutest outfits from the kid's selection. Gap Kids has a good selection of cute, trendy clothing at a reasonable price. I bought this dot shirtdress a week ago at 40% off the regular price. I can't wait it to wear it when the weather gets warmer.


This winter has been brutal; we've had so many snowstorms in the Northeast. And not to mention the wind chill factor. Yikes! Well, one thing is for sure - we New Yorkers appreciate good weather when we have it. C'mon, spring!

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